abc emballuxe Alberta present at The Alberta Gift Fair 2016

août 16, 2016 ( 0 )

The Alberta Gift Fair is a trade-only event for wholesale gift retail buyers and is not open to the public. This is an order-taking fair only. The purchase of booth product/samples on the show floor is strictly prohibited.

CanGift carefully designs every detail of the Alberta Gift Fair to give you maximum access to purchasing decision-makers. Well-designed exhibit areas, themed displays, lounge spaces and professional development events at the fair provide ample opportunities to connect with buyers and make sales.


Visitors at CanGift fairs make purchasing decisions for their stores and come ready to buy. Many spend the bulk of their year’s budget at our fairs and do not attend any other wholesale gift show.


As trade-only events, our fairs admit only qualified buyers. More than 42,000 qualified buyers attend CanGift fairs each year across Canada. The Alberta Gift Fair attracts more than 10,000 buyers annually.


Each show is carefully designed to give you maximum access to buyers, who come to source new products, keep up with industry trends, make new contacts and reconnect with their current suppliers.